From rock and punk to hip hop and jazz, DC Music Live is the one stop for readers seeking news and information about the sounds and personalities making up the local metropolitan music scene.

Not only is D.C. the birthplace of go-go, it’s the place musical greats and pioneers such as Duke Ellington, Marvin Gaye, Roberta Flack and Dave Grohl call home. It’s the city where artists historically have recorded hits and performed live in venues more than a century old that remain standing today.

The nation’s capital continues to boast a vibrant musical scene, complete with live local bands, national artists native to the area and a number of festivals that touch all genres.

DC Music Live keeps readers current on new music pulsing throughout the city, the musicians and bands that create the sounds, and those who drop in on the D.C. metropolitan area to visit local stages.

Through video, photography and audio, DC Music Live provides visitors with a multiplatform experience that sums up the local and live sounds of the city.

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Have you ever wanted to start your own band, write a song for the world to hear, start your own record label or spin your own mixes? Well, this isn’t the job for you, but f you’d like to write about the dynamic people who do this and more in the D.C. area, then we’re looking for you. Click for more information.

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      • Thanks so much, we’re glad you like it! Eventually we definitely plan to start adding some clips from local bands to the site, we’re in the process of forging friendships and relationships with a few bands, which we hope will aid in that process!

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