BRIAN OSSIP – Co-founder, Writer, Photographer


Brian has been involved with music his entire life. He’s toured with bands, worked at recording studios and interned at record labels. A lover of all things music, especially local bands, Brian decided to try a new aspect of the industry – running a music website. Find him at local shows all over the D.C. metro area. Reach him at or follow him on Twitter, @BrianOssip.


MIKE SHOMAKER – Co-founder, Writer


When he’s not working as a plus-sized hand model, Mike spends his time listening to rock and roll. The first tape (yes, tape) ever aurally consumed was Green Day’s,Dookie, which is still his favorite album of all time. If you’d like to know how to make a great grilled cheese, ask someone else. But if you’d like to talk about rock music until you start to hate rock and Mike for not shutting up about it, send him a message. He checks all social media outlets more often than an adolescent girl.  You can hit him up at, on Twitter @mikeshomaker, or on Facebook.


NIA HIGHTOWER – Co-founder


Nia is a freelance writer and digital journalist extraordinaire with a love for good music. She believes the thoughts behind music truly make the world go round – from statements of the political and social consciousness to songs about matters of the heart and every day life. And it doesn’t hurt if the beat compels a few finger snaps and head bobs.


ARIELLE HIXSON – Co-founder, Social Media Coordinator


Arielle is a writer/reporter currently attending graduate school at Georgetown. She developed an ear for music at a young age and has always had a love for singing, dancing and playing piano. In the future she looks to cover the thriving music scene worldwide, but for now she is passionate about the influential sound in D.C. Reach her at or follow her on Twitter, @AriHix.









Keiana Smith-McDowell is a freelance writer and hip-hop lover from Dayton, Ohio. She is currently a graduate student at Georgetown University studying Journalism. Keiana developed her love for music at a young age, listening to everything from Jay-Z to the Backstreet Boys. Her friends know her as the girl who knows everything about the hip-hop culture. After graduate school, Keiana plans to work for a publication as a music and pop culture journalists, but in the meantime you can catch her front row at a rap concert!

Keiana can be reached at and on Twitter @Kei_Smith 


RACHAEL BOHLANDER – Writer, Photographer







Upon realizing that she would never be a very good musician, Rachael picked up a camera and a pen, figuring that going to shows, taking photos and writing about music, bands and musicians was the next best thing.  And she was right.  Photographer, writer, traveler and motorcycle enthusiast.  Livin’ the dream.

Rachael can be contacted at either or on Twitter @sunnyryderphoto.


SARA SPANGLER – Photographer, Writer
Sara Spangler is a freelance live music photographer originally from Raleigh, NC. She has always been a huge fan of live music, and upon discovering a love for photography she combined the two and began shooting concerts. Sara graduated from Virginia Tech with dual degrees in Visual Communication Design, and Communication, and worked as the Managing Editor of Design on the school newspaper, the Collegiate Times. When she’s not attending a show, Sara enjoys traveling and cheering on her Hokies during football season!
Sara can be contacted by email at or at









Down in the West Texas town of El Paso, Erin Coulehan fell in love with writing at an early age and began her career as a journalist in college. Most of her friends are/were involved in the music industry, and it wasn’t long until Erin began covering live shows and interviewing musicians who inspire her own writing. Erin applied to Georgetown University’s Master’s in Journalism program upon making a deal with her mother to send her to D.C. to see her favorite band. She was accepted into the program and plans to further her career as a Rock ‘n’ Roll reporter.

Erin can be reached at or follow her on Twitter @miss_coulehan.

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